Our aim is to create an experience where you leave with wind-blown hair, dirt on your shoes and sore cheeks from laughing! We want you to be yourselves, and think about why you both fell in love to begin with.
We love those natural feels and unscripted moments rather than your traditional stand and pose approach. If you are looking for a videographer to show up, hit record and check off their shot list – that’s okay, we just might not be the best fit for you! We plan on getting to know you, having a laugh, and capturing some beautiful, emotional moments between both of you.
We want to see the real you, and capture those moments to tell the story between the two of you. We love working with someone who is excited by film, doesn’t mind a bit of dirt, and will climb up the nearest hill to chase the sunset. We love adventurous couples and aren’t afraid of something a little different.
If you’re still reading this and are catching the vibes we are sending, then we might just be the one for you! If this is you, then we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us below and let’s start this journey together!